Do you sell your printed patterns wholesale?

Yes, our professionally printed sewing patterns are available in larger numbers at reduced prices plus packaging and delivery. If you'd like to purchase stock to sell in your shop please contact elle@myfabricheaven.com with the details for an exact quote.

Do you sell digital PDF sewing patterns and how are they delivered?

Yes, our digital patterns contain all the same information as our printed patterns, presented in A4 portrait format ready to be printed at home. Once purchase is complete your pattern will be emailed to your PayPal email address, or the email address supplied by you during checkout, within 1 working day.

(Please remember to check junk mail.)   The advantage of purchasing a PDF pattern (apart from being green) is that you can file it on your computer and use it over and over again. If you lose it you will always have a spare copy to retrieve, stored safely in your email account with the original email.

How do I download the PDF file to my computer?

  1. Make sure you have PDF reader software installed on your device.
  2. Locate and open the email with the file attached (remember to check junk mail or spam folder)
  3. Right click on the attachment icon for the PDF file.
  4. In the drop down menu select "Open" and the pdf will load and open up.
  5. Click "File" on the PDF file's toolbar and then "Save A Copy" from the drop down menu. Choose the file folder in which to save the PDF file. Click "Save". The PDF file will download into the computer.

How do I print the template pages?

  1. Open up the PDF file.
  2. Make a note of the page numbers that the template sheets are on.
  3. Click "File" on the PDF's toolbar and select "Print" and your print dialogue box will open.
  4. In the print dialogue box you can select the printer (if you have more than one) and then select which pages to print e.g 9-10.
  5. Be sure to select A4 document size in the portrait orientation and 100% size in colour.
  6. Click the PRINT button at the bottom of the box.

I've downloaded the digital pattern PDF, can I share the pattern with my friends?

No, by purchasing our digital product you have agreed to our copyright.
This states that as the authorized customer of this product only you may have access to its content. Only you can stitch the pattern.
We’ve spent many hours creating/testing this product so that you can enjoy the sewing project. By sending the PDF to a third party without our permission you will be jeopardizing our small business and our ability to create more patterns for you in the future. Please kindly send your friend in the direction of our website to purchase an item for themselves.

Can I sell the PDF pattern myself?

No absolutely not, we actively protect our intellectual property. By purchasing our digital product you have agreed to our copyright. This states that as the authorized customer of this product only you may have access to its content.

Do you sell printed sewing patterns and how are they delivered?

Yes, our professionally printed sewing patterns are presented as an A5 stapled booklet with the template sheets inserted in the centre. Once purchase is complete your pattern is sent 1st class via Royal Mail to your specified address. Delivery usually takes a few days, but remember to allow extra time during busy periods such as Christmas.  My tip is to photocopy the template sheets before use and keep the originals with the booklet for re-use at a later date.

Are the templates supplied to actual size?

Yes, no need to re-size our templates they're supplied to you at the correct size as specified on the pattern.

Is the seam allowance included?

Yes, a 0.5cm seam allowance is clearly visible on all of our templates and the sewing line is also marked.

Can I enlarge or reduce the templates in size?

Yes, this is possible to do using a photocopier. Set the percentage of enlargement or reduction - e.g. 125% to enlarge or 75% to reduce, and photocopy each piece to that same percentage.

Can I sell the items I've made at a craft fayre?

Yes, absolutely! We love to support other small handmade businesses but in return we request that you respect our copyright which is printed on every pattern and is legally binding.

The Legal Bits...

My Fabric Heaven Sewing Pattern Copyright

Use of My Fabric Heaven patterns:- Copyright ©2012 My Fabric Heaven 
  • We sell our patterns on a strictly single license to each individual buyer. 
  • You do not have permission to distribute (for free, or for profit) copies of the patterns in printed, electronic or any other format.
  • You may personally make items from our patterns to sell through your own shop or at craft shows. 
  • Within any written description of the item for sale please credit My Fabric Heaven with the pattern design.
  • Mass production of items using either free or purchased patterns is strictly prohibited.

Selling items made with My Fabric Heaven sewing patterns

You may sell items made with my sewing patterns as long as you observe the following terms and conditions...

  • Items are not mass-produced in any way. They must be handmade by the individual who purchased the pattern
  • Items are not sold in large numbers - no more than 100 dolls/items per year can be sold using each pattern
  • Items must only be sold directly to customers. Items must not be sold wholesale to businesses
  • Patterns are not adapted to make other animals to sell. For example, you can not buy a bunny pattern and adapt it to make a mouse or create new animals to sell
  • All seller listings must include the following:  ‘Made using a My Fabric Heaven pattern www.myfabricheaven.com'
  • All photos or videos of the item shared on social media must include the following text ‘Made using a My Fabric Heaven pattern’ A link to my social media page or website should also be included. For example, on Instagram tag my page @myfabricheaven
  • As the maker of the item, it is your responsibility to ensure that it complies with relevant safety standards and legislation in each country you are selling the item. For example, to sell dolls in the United Kingdom they must be UKCA-marked and conform to the standards set out in the toy safety directive. There are different standards and regulations in every country.

Using my sewing patterns to run workshops

I allow physical face-to-face workshops to be run in your local area using my sewing patterns if permission is requested first. All students must buy a copy of the sewing pattern in advance. Discounts are available for ordering multiple patterns. Please contact elle@myfabricheaven.com for further information. Online workshops are not permitted.  

Right to withdraw permission

My Fabric Heaven reserves the right to withdraw permission to sell items made from my patterns or to use my patterns to run face-to-face workshops at any time without the need to provide any explanation or reason. If My Fabric Heaven finds that a seller is engaging in activities that are deemed inappropriate, unethical, or infringing on the intellectual property rights of My Fabric Heaven or other pattern designers, the authorisation to sell items made from my patterns will be revoked immediately

Copyright terms

Sharing, selling or distributing my pattern and instructions electronically or in printed form is strictly prohibited. All elements of my sewing pattern and instructions are protected under international copyright law - this includes the pattern itself as well as the words, images and drawings in the instructions

Sharing photographs or videos of my pattern pieces on social media is strictly prohibited and considered a copyright violation

Any modification, adaptation, translation, or creation of derivative works based on my sewing pattern whether in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited and infringes upon my copyright. Making slight changes to my patterns, adapting my patterns to make other animals and selling my pattern with new instructions and photography are all examples of derivative works which are strictly prohibited

Please contact elle@myfabricheaven.com if you have any questions


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FREE Postage On UK Orders

Because we don't like hidden costs our prices are inclusive of postage and packaging for all Mainland UK orders weighing under 500g. Larger orders will have the postage calculated during checkout according to parcel weight.

If you live outside of the UK postage will vary according to your location and will be calculated for you during checkout.

Please be aware that you will receive a sewing pattern not the finished product and our sewing patterns are written in English.

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